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Our Header Images

The net­work images in our head­ers are cropped from one of the fol­low­ing visu­al­iza­tions.  In some instances we changed the col­ors, the back­grounds, or curves of the lines to make the image more visu­ally interesting.

These visu­al­iza­tions rep­re­sent data from two dif­fer­ent sources and cases we have been work on.

Hedge Fund Visualizations

Con­nec­tions of Hedge Fund Direc­tors to U.S.-Based Pen­sion Funds

Directors to pension funds with selected names (white background)

This visu­al­iza­tion shows the con­nec­tions between U.S.-based pen­sion funds, both pub­lic (red) and pri­vate (blue), to hedge fund inde­pen­dent direc­tors (green).

The green dots or nodes rep­re­sent hedge fund direc­tors.  The size of the nodes indi­cates the num­ber of funds on which a par­tic­u­lar direc­tor sits.  Con­se­quently, a larger dot means this direc­tor sits on mul­ti­ple boards.

The lines con­nect­ing the pen­sion funds to the direc­tors rep­re­sent the size of the invest­ment in an indi­vid­ual hedge fund by a pen­sion fund. The num­ber of lines between each node rep­re­sents dif­fer­ent invest­ments in dif­fer­ent hedge funds.

There are two dif­fer­ent types of pen­sion funds rep­re­sented on the visu­al­iza­tion. Pub­lic pen­sion funds are red; pri­vate pen­sion funds are blue. The size of the dot rep­re­sents the amount of assets that pen­sion fund has under investment.

Net­work of Hedge Fund Inde­pen­dent Directors

Network of Independent Hedge Fund Directors

Net­work of Hedge Fund Inde­pen­dent Directors

This image rep­re­sents the uni­verse of inde­pen­dent hedge fund direc­tors and how they are con­nected through hedge fund boards. Each small dot rep­re­sents a direc­tor and the lines rep­re­sent the hedge funds con­nect­ing the direc­tors. The strength of the line rep­re­sents the num­ber of shared hedge fund con­nec­tions between two individuals.

The size of the dot rep­re­sents num­ber of hedge funds on which the indi­vid­ual serves as an inde­pen­dent direc­tor. The large oval in the mid­dle of the image rep­re­sents inde­pen­dent direc­tors who have no shared con­nec­tions through boards.

To the left, we see small clus­ters of direc­tors con­nected by at least two board connections.

The large con­stel­la­tion on the right-hand screen rep­re­sents a large net­work of inter­con­nected direc­tors who share mul­ti­ple links with each other through hedge fund boards.

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